VeriFinger SDK by Neurotechnology

Product name:

  • VeriFinger SDK

Product version:

  • VeriFinger 6.4 Standard SDK or Extended SDK

Product type:

  • Algorithm
  • SDK
  • Biometric SDK

Biometric modality/type:

  • Fingerprint

Intended applications / markets:

  • Logical Access Control / Data or device access / Data security
  • Mobile ID
  • Physical Access Control
  • Time and Attendance
  • Other

Product description:

VeriFinger is a fingerprint identification technology intended for biometric systems developers and integrators. The technology assures system performance with fast, reliable fingerprint matching in 1-to-1 and 1-to-many modes. VeriFinger is available as a software development kit that allows development of PC- and Web-based solutions on Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS X platforms

List of applied/complied/received standards, certification programs, awards, or conducted independent testing, monitoring, reporting, and reviews:

VeriFinger has been awarded for its reliability and performance at FVC2006 and FpVTE 2003 biometric algorithm competitions. Also VeriFinger was recognized by NIST as MINEX compliant, and has consistently shown one of the best results at FVC2004, FVC2002 and FVC2000.

  • In 2011 FBI certified Neurotechnology’s implementation of WSQ image format support.

Technology Awards

Selected list of use cases and customers:

Currently more than 2,500 security system integrators in more than 100 countries use our products, including a number of basic computer hardware and fingerprint sensor providers. Below are presented case studies that show how our biometric technology was integrated into customers’ products, Solution Partner products based on our biometric technology and a list of scientific papers that present researches and experiments, performed using our technology:

Neurotechnology Customers


  • Neurotechnology

Company business type/role:

  • Algorithm developer

Selected list of partners/resellers/distributors:

Solution Partner products
Distributors and Representatives

Company website:

Product website:

Social Media channels:


Product case studies, trial and brochure download:

VeriFinger SDK brochure
Algorithm demo
30 day trial version
Case studies


Neurotechnology provides algorithms and software development products for biometric fingerprint, face, iris, voice and palm print recognition, computer-based vision and object recognition to security companies, system integrators and hardware manufacturers. More than 2,500 system integrators and sensor providers in more that 100 countries license and integrate company's technology into their own products. With millions of customer installations worldwide, Neurotechnology's products are used for both civil and forensic applications, including border crossings, criminal investigations, systems for voter registration, verification and duplication checking, passport issuance and other national-scale projects. Drawing from years of academic research in the fields of neuroinformatics, image processing and pattern recognition, Neurotechnology was founded in 1990 in Vilnius, Lithuania under the name Neurotechnologija and released its first fingerprint identification system in 1991. Since that time the company has released more than 60 products and version upgrades for identification and verification of objects and personal identity.

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