F7 Face Recognition SDK by F7 Corporation

Product name:

F7 Face Recognition SDK

Product version:

2.1.0 “Nova”

Product type:


Biometric modality/type:

2D Face

Biometric sample acquisition sensor type:

2D Camera

Intended applications:

  • Border management/Maritime/Ports/Civil ID
  • Consumer ID
  • Criminal ID/Law Enforcement
  • Document issuance/Civil ID
  • Logical Access Control / Data or device access / Data security
  • Military ID
  • Mobile ID
  • Physical Access Control
  • Surveillance
  • Time and Attendance
  • Voter registration/Civil ID
  • Other

Product description:

F7 Face Recognition SDK is a development tool that provides the native face recognition engine to system integrators, value added resellers and customers. The basic biometric functionality of enrollment, verification and identification works with static images. This characteristic makes the software adaptable to dynamic sources as video streaming from cameras or files (AVI, MPEG …). Additional functionality such as face detection and face features localization complete the tool. The set of utilities which conforms the solution and the documentation provided offers a comprehensive and effective tool for all those developers interested in integrating this type of biometrics solutions.

F7 Face Recognition engine is robust against:

  • Pose+/-15 ̊oneachdirection.
  • Partial face occlusion
  • Beard and hair style changes
  • Wearing glasses (except dark sunglasses)
  • Moderate lighting changes

Latest and best algorithms:

  • Face and eye location algorithm
  • Unique and non-transferable features coding algorithm

Minimal image quality requirements for facial recognition

  • Face must be completely visible in the image
  • Inter-pupil spacing larger than 40pixels (70 pixels recommended)

List of applied/complied/received standards, certification programs, awards, or conducted independent testing, monitoring, reporting, and reviews:

  • Best “Start Up” IT Company; Given by: Ms. Cristina Garmendia, Awards 2009, Minister of Science and Innovation

Availability of Return on Investment (ROI) analysis and calculator:


Selected list of use cases and customers:



F7 Corporation

Company business type/role:

Algorithm developer

Geographical reach in terms of sales and support:


Selected list of partners/resellers/distributors:


Company website:


Product website:


Social Media channels:


Product demo, case study, or any other video or audio link:


About Babak Goudarzi Pour
Babak is co-founder and CEO of Optimum Biometric Labs (OBL) since its inception in 2003. Babak has served as the Chairman of the Swedish National Biometric Association, SNBA, since its inception in 2004. He also works as Swedish technical expert in the international standardization work ISO/IEC/JTC 1/SC 37. Babak holds a M.Sc. and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering with emphasis on Signal Processing and Telecommunications from Blekinge Institute of Technology.

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