FaceCrop SDK by Luxand Inc.





Product name:

  • FaceCrop SDK

Product version:

  • FaceCrpo SDK 1.0

Product type:

  • Algorithm
  • SDK
  • Biometric SDK

Biometric modality/type:

  • Face

Intended applications / markets:

  • Document issuance / Civil ID
  • Other

Product description:

Automatic Face Detection and Cropping

FaceCrop SDK offers developers a single-call access to fully automated detection, cropping, resizing, and exporting of images of human faces. No matter what size, format, or resolution the source picture is, and how large or small is the face in it, FaceCrop SDK will automatically locate and cut the face, saving the target picture in just the size and format you need.

Passport-like Photos from Ordinary Snapshots

In general, the use of FaceCrop SDK produces passport-like photos out of digital snapshots that contain human faces. Images taken with digital compact cameras, SLRs, and mobile phones and webcams are accepted as well as images scanned from analog media.

Single Call Operation

A single call of a FaceCrop SDK function is all that is needed to produce an avatar in the exact size, format, and aspect ratio specified.

Workflow Automation

FaceCrop SDK allows automating of workflow in human resources and organizations working with forms and documents containing human faces. Supporting both PHP and ASP.NET, FaceCrop SDK can run on the server, taking digital images in a variety of sizes, formats, and resolutions, and returning uniform pictures of human faces. Using FaceCrop SDK will save many hours of work by automating the process.

Avatars for Social Networks and Dating Portals

Developers of social networks, blogs, dating sites, and other interactive media will be able to offer automatic creation of avatars with human faces. Passport-quality photos are easy to produce out of any digital snapshot completely automatically! The following demo demonstrates your visitors’ experience when you use FaceCrop SDK on your Web site.

Selected list of use cases and customers:

Luxand Customers


  • Luxand Inc.

    Luxand, Inc. is a private hi-tech company formed in 2005. Luxand research activities began with Artificial Intelligence and biometric identification technologies, allowing the company to develop a complete set of tools and libraries to perform fully automatic recognition of human faces and facial features. Today, the company provides a broad range of facial feature recognition solutions to the online entertainment industry. Luxand technologies are used at online entertainment portals, chat rooms, and movie Web sites around the globe.

Company business type/role:

  • Algorithm developer

Selected list of partners/resellers/distributors:


Company website:


Product website:


Social Media channels:


Product case studies, trial and brochure download:

Download FaceCrop SDK, demo and sample applications

Request evaluation key for 45 days

Download documentation


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