FaceSDK by Luxand Inc.





Product name:

  • FaceSDK

Product version:

  • FaceSDK 4.0

Product type:

  • Algorithm
  • SDK
  • Biometric SDK

Biometric modality/type:

  • Face

Intended applications / markets:

  • Border management / Maritime / Ports / Civil ID
  • Consumer ID
  • Criminal ID / Law Enforcement
  • Document issuance / Civil ID
  • Employment background checks / Civil ID
  • Logical Access Control / Data or device access / Data security
  • Military ID
  • Mobile ID
  • Physical Access Control
  • Surveillance
  • Time and Attendance
  • Voter registration / Civil ID
  • Other

Product description:

Luxand FaceSDK is a cross-platform face detection and recognition library that can be easily integrated into the customer’s application. FaceSDK offers the API (Application Programming Interface) to detect a face and facial features and to match faces. The SDK provides the coordinates of 66 facial feature points (including eyes, eyebrows, mouth, nose and face contours). Luxand FaceSDK use multiple processor cores to speed up recognition. The library supports DirectShow-compatible web cameras and IP cameras with an MJPEG interface.

Luxand FaceSDK is a dynamic link library available for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows and Linux, and 64-bit MacOS X. The SDK contains interface header files and sample applications for C++, Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0/2005/2008, Visual Basic .NET 2005/2008, Microsoft C# .NET 2005/2008, Borland Delphi 6.0/7.0, Java, Visual Basic 6.0 and C++Builder 6.0.

Selected list of use cases and customers:

Luxand Customers


  • Luxand Inc.

    Luxand, Inc. is a private hi-tech company formed in 2005. Luxand research activities began with Artificial Intelligence and biometric identification technologies, allowing the company to develop a complete set of tools and libraries to perform fully automatic recognition of human faces and facial features. Today, the company provides a broad range of facial feature recognition solutions to the online entertainment industry. Luxand technologies are used at online entertainment portals, chat rooms, and movie Web sites around the globe.

Company business type/role:

  • Algorithm developer

Selected list of partners/resellers/distributors:


Company website:


Product website:


Social Media channels:


Product case studies, trial and brochure download:

Download FaceSDK, demo and sample applications

Request evaluation key for 45 days

Download documentation


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